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The HSE Technology solution framework utilizes the latest software technology to deliver world class features to companies of all sizes.  From point solutions to a full-enterprise platform, we can scale our technology to meet all needs regardless of how big or small.  This framework provides everything you need to automate your business processes and gain insight and intelligence from your data.


Multiple modules can be enabled on our framework with predefined features that can get you started immediately, yet can be tailored as needed to reflect your unique business requirements.

Safety Management

A comprehensive, target-oriented, and systematic HSEQ solution that aims to proactively prevent accidents and damage and minimize the resulting losses.

Regulatory Compliance

Enables companies to understand what obligations are applicable to them and to manage changes to applicable regulations, helping eliminate compliance deviations.

Asset Management

Help maintenance teams keep a record of all assets they are responsible for, schedule and track maintenance tasks, and keep a historical record of work they perform.

Competency Assurance

A comprehensive set of functions for developing employees’ competencies and managing and maintaining safety-critical competencies.

Risk Management

Identify, analyze, and manage risks and areas of improvement related to devices and equipment, people, tasks, materials, and processes.

Quality Management

Identify, track, and resolve quality issues - significantly reducing compliance costs and the risk of non-compliance.

The HSE Technology solution framework also includes:

  • Configurable forms and workflow

  • Audits and Inspections

  • Task management

  • Document management

  • Email notifications

  • Dashboards and reporting

  • Mobile applications (iOS and Android)

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We have great relationships with world class vendors and consistently deliver effective software solutions.

About HSE Technology


HSE Technology Corp. is a QHSE consulting and implementation services organization based in Houston, Texas. We provide effective software solutions for companies of all sizes and industries.


Our primary focus is to help our customers drive engagement of their employees through business process automation via the use of software. To learn more CLICK HERE

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