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Tips and Tricks from our Customers

In this final video in the OSHA mandated PSM elements series, we are going to explore some other tips and tricks, that our different customers are utilizing.

These tips and tricks do not sit inside the 14 required elements as mandated by OSHA, but they provide an insight into some techniques or processes you may want to consider.

They may be helpful either when first setting up your PSM program, enhancing the PSM Program, or when adopting a centralized software to help manage all of this.

Risk Based Management

A lot of our customers are utilizing a risk based management technique. This involves taking a more proactive look at the risks involved in your operations.

Not only risks from chemicals (which is what PSM is designed to do), but risks from other areas such as:

  • Your processes

  • Employee involvement

  • Risk from a safety perspective

You must manage these at a risk-level. Having the ability to manage those different risk matrices allows you to look forward and proactively manage the risk.

Stakeholder Involvement:

Another area where customers are spending a lot of time these days is around stakeholder involvement.

While this is not a mandated by the PSM processes, this allows you to identify who your stakeholders are in these processes.

Examples of some stakeholders may be:

  • Regulatory agents

  • First responders

  • People that are involved in the execution of these processes

Being able to have a full record of those stakeholders is crucial. This record will include any commitments that you have made to the stakeholders, tying those to a calendar to ensure that those commitments do not fall through the cracks. This is a process we like to call stakeholder commitment tracking.

Our customers are utilizing that in order to make sure they are fully compliant with not only internal stakeholders but also external stakeholders. They can be customers, vendors or other third parties.

Engagement of Management

The other element that gets a lot of attention these days, and we talked a little bit about this earlier in terms of employee participation, is engagement of management.

Having management reviews and having management as part of the review process is a very powerful tool.

It signals many things about management, such as:

  • They are engaged in the process

  • They approve of the processes

  • They are looking for a process of continuous improvement

  • They have a stake in the game

The ability to engage management in reviewing the PSM processes, getting their feedback and ensure they are involved in the process from beginning to end leads to a more successful process.

I believe it helps contribute to that culture of continuous improvement if you continue to work on your processes through risk-based processing and ensure you try to minimize risk wherever possible.

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