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Requirement 8 of PSM - Mechanical Integrity

In this PSM video series we are going to talk about mechanical integrity, that’s element number 8 of PSM requirements from OSHA.

Mechanical integrity mandates for certain systems, tanks, pumps, and piping systems, that there be a thorough and complete record of the maintenance schedule for those systems and the maintenance activities. It also states that you have to have inspection records and the people who do the inspections have to be particularly qualified in order to conduct those inspections.

Again, here is where technology can help you. Obviously, you want to have a good maintenance schedule, one where you can enter recurring maintenance events very easily so that you enter it once and the system calculates when the next maintenance activity takes place.

Next you want to have workflow so that you are engaging your maintenance personnel and obviously you want to make sure they are certified and capable of performing the maintenance activities.

Next you want to be able to schedule inspections on a periodic basis. Obviously, you want to have certifications for those inspectors and make sure they are capable of inspecting the system with the proper training and perhaps certifications.

Finally, you want to be able to report back to the auditors, not only on your maintenance activities but your inspection activities and results and identify who were involved in those processes.

This is where software can help you with a centralised reporting data base that allows you to easily pull that data out and demonstrate to an auditor your compliance to the mechanical integrity element.

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