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Requirement 6 of PSM - Contractors

Contractors have the same rights, requirements and mandates to understand all of the information that employees do.

The same level of documentation you provide for employees not only for training and trade secrets, but also acknowledging PHA’s, acknowledging MOC’s, this lends itself to an electronic system or record of contractors involvement in your PSM processes.

It is critical that contractors have the ability to have access to critical information, not only from a training perspective, but also an operations or PHA perspective.

It is also going o be important for the contractor to then acknowledge that they have read and understood these processes.

This may require you to have a central place where they can report on it, which you can then easily show auditors that you have engaged your contractors in your PSM Processes.

Some companies struggle with this element, because you have contractors in and out of facilities or operations all the time, so it is tough to manage.

It’s a burden on those managing those processes, so using some workflow and some technology can really help streamline and improve the audit-ability of this PSM element.

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