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Requirement 5 of PSM - Training for Hazardous Chemicals

In this blog, we are going to explore training or the fifth element of the PSM.

Obviously when we are working with highly hazardous chemicals, training is a vital component. Most of our customers utilise some sort of training management software solution.

You have to identify proper and appropriate content you have to devise a training matrix or plan for all of your people involved in handling HHC’s. You have to have a good record of not only formalised training for individuals, the results of that training, such as recording test results or quiz results.

There are other types of less formal training or adhoc training that occur, and you want to have a good record of that associated with all of your individuals involved in the processes. Things like toolbox talks or safety meetings, you want to be sure you have a way you can record that and then it is associated with the individual, so when you report on it, not only formalised but you can report on adhoc training.

It is a key element and one that auditors really bear down on and want to ensure that you have a robust training management system.

This is where software can really help you in terms of managing not only the expectations and the recurring training events that need to occur, but also in being able to get a report out of it and ensure the auditors that you have a compliant training management system.

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