• Bryan Evans

Requirement 4 of PSM - Operating Procedures

In this video we are going to explore operating procedures as part of the OSHA mandated PSM requirements.

OSHA want’s you to be able to demonstrate that you have put together procedures for different phases of operations. This includes turnarounds, shutdowns, and start-ups.

They also want to see that you have done a thorough analysis of the hazards involved in those different processes.

This is demonstrating the importance of using technology to not only help you compile a library of these operating procedures, but also using workflow to engage your team so that different aspects of the operations are well represented and analysed from a technical basis.

The technology can then be used to make sure you have a mechanism to deliver those procedures (based on the nature of the operations) to the right people as part of the team who are going to actually deliver those operations.

Technology can help you do that, and it can also track and provide an audit trail of who was involved in creating the procedures and who was involved in executing the procedures through acknowledgements and through other audit trails.

It makes it easier to report to auditors, not only that you have a thorough library, but that it is being used and employees are being engaged in the process and acknowledging their part in maintaining safety.

Thank you very much, hope you will join us for the next video in the series.

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