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Requirement 3 of PSM - Process Hazardous Analysis (PHA's)

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Hello Bryan Evans with HSE Technology, more on our process safety management video series. The next element is Process Hazardous Analysis (PHA’s)

This is probably one of the more technical elements that OSHA mandates for highly hazardous chemical handlers or organisations that handle HHC’s.

There is a lot of engineering that goes into this and project management perhaps, and even operations, but the idea is to be able to build teams that conduct analysis around different processes involving HHC’s.

It relies on the previous element, the Process Safety Information, but it actually puts it into a thorough analysis of not only the task at hand, but the hazards associated with it. It is a multi-disciplinary document that involves different team members based on the nature of the process.

One of the ways that our customers have been able to facilitate this - not only putting together the PHA’s, but also distributing them, making sure that people who are about to perform these processes have ready access, and can acknowledge that they have read and understood the PHA - is to use technology.

First of all, to be able to use workflow and capture input from the different team members into compiling the document. Also having a repository so that people who are about to perform these tasks can access those documents and acknowledge that they understand what’s in them.

It is a way to leverage technology to not only capture the data, but then ensure that it is distributed in a timely manner and acknowledged so that the people involved within the processes are well informed.

Thankyou very much and hope you will join us for the next video in the PSM series, thank you.

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