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Requirement 2 of PSM - Process Safety Information

Hello Bryan Evans with HSE Technology, in this video we’re going to discuss the second element of PSM which is Process Safety Information.

This requirement is really related to the technical information about the highly hazardous chemicals related to and involved in organisation.

There's all kinds of technical data, which usually involves an engineering team in order to collect and validate the data.

But you need to have a central repository of where that data is maintained, because the OSHA mandate says that everybody in the facility that is involved in working with these chemicals needs to know the technical data behind it.

That is the real requirement, there is obviously an inventory that has to take place and engineering gets involved in that.

Tips & Tricks about this process:

Obviously gathering the data is a big part of the process, but being able to actually manage and communicate the content of that technical data is crucial.

This is the idea of having a document repository, having a way that allows various people to acknowledge and confirm the content of that technical data (whether they are a part of the manufacturing process, or engineering).

Also, the other part of the requirement is to ensure and document that the people working with those chemicals have acknowledged they understand what the hazards are with those chemicals and what the technical data behind them are.

The big takeaway from this video is that you should be able to build out a library, where not only you can share the building of that library with workflow and acknowledgements, but also ensure you've shared it with the people who work with the chemicals, and they acknowledge they understand what's involved.

Thanks very much for tuning in, and we hope you join us for the next video in the Process Safety Management Video Series.

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