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Requirement 14 of PSM - Trade Secrets

In this next video of our PSM element series we are going to explore number 14 and this has to do with trade secrets.

Until fairly recently, trade secrets were often protected by employers in order to ensure that no proprietary information of recipes or processes got outside of the organisation.

While OSHA stepped in with this the 14th element of PSM compliance regarding trade secrets. OSHA has determined that it is safety that takes precedence over trade secrets and the employer is mandated to ensure that its employees and contractors understand what chemicals are involved in the processes they are working on.

The idea is to ensure that people know the safety hazards of what they are working with, the materials, the processes and the techniques in order to improve safety.

This trade secret lends itself well to a repository of chemicals involved in different recipes or different processes so that they can be easily shared with employees and contractors and acknowledge that they understand what’s involved in the different processes and techniques around the organisation.

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