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Requirement 12 of PSM - Emergency Preparedness and Response

In this video, we are going to look at the 12th required element of PSM - Emergency planning and response (sometimes called EPR).

This element of PSM requires that companies have planning and a response for any type of releases of highly hazardous chemicals.

That involves multiple teams around the organisation planning ahead for any potential types of spill or release for the various HHC’s that are involved in the organisation.

This is where you may benefit from a centralised reporting data base and repository of how to respond in the event of a spill or release of one of these chemicals.

A database like this allows people to have access to the hazards involved in a potential release and the response therein.

This gives not only the planners a chance to build up a repository of what the plan should look like and the potential response would be but also provides information to employees and contractors in the event of a spill or release.

Having a verifiable and auditable library of these EPR’s is critical to demonstrating to auditors that you have thought ahead and have an effective plan in case of an emergency.

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