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Requirement 10 of PSM - Management of Change

In this video, we are going to tackle Management of Change, element number 10 in OSHA’s PSM requirements. Management of change (MOC) is one of the trickier elements and one of the more difficult to manage.

Based on your operations and our customers operations, they tend to handle management of change a little bit differently but in general they like to start with a template.

Based on the nature of the change, you can build up a library of MOC’s over time and then based on the nature of the operation that you are about to change. Whether it be a process, a technology or a chemical or even a different change out in a facility, you may have different types of MOC’s that are required.

You have to have the right personnel involved from the beginning to help build out the MOC and improve the structure of the MOC.

You then you have to communicate that to the people who are going to be conducting the MOC, ensuring you engage the right people, in the right sections to make sure that they can respond accurately to the questions within the MOC.

A lot of customers use MOC as the checklist and a way to ensure that all the steps in the process are carefully followed.

This also lends itself to technology, in that you can build out your library, you can have templates, you can change in the question banks based on the nature of the change, and then you can engage the workforce using workflow and acknowledgements of the different sections of the MOC.

This is a good process where having a discussion about how MOC best works in your organisation often leads to better performance and results at the end.

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