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Requirement 1 of PSM - Employee Participation

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

How do you gauge, identify and report employee participation of your management system?

This blog is going to explore this question, by looking at the first of the 14 required elements of PSM, employee participation.

Employee Participation is a tricky one, and maybe one of the more difficult ones for companies to manage and to reflect when they have an audit.

Obviously from a management standpoint, employee participation is mandatory for any management system success, the problem is how do you gauge it? How do you identify it?  How do you report it? And how are you able to show it under an audit?

Records of Employees:

The requirement from OSHA for PSM mandates that there be records of employee involvement in the PSM processes. 

What a lot of our customers have is data bases that use technology to  record every time their employee touches an element within the PSM system. This includes:

  • Whenever they acknowledge a document in the system. 

  • Whenever they take a required training course

  • When they are able to take the test

  • The score they receive on that test

  • Adhoc training.

So, there might be safety meetings or there may be a series of monthly meetings where you want to record their involvement in that and be able to report on that easily so you can show the auditor that yes you do have employee engagement.

Records of Contractors:

There is another aspect of employee participation - employees are not just the employees. You also want to make sure that you have good records on your contractors as well.

So, having an integrated approach with your internal employees and your third parties will help simplify the process.

Management Reviews:

A process that we are going to talk about a little bit later, is also the concept of having management reviews and follow-ups. 

While this is not a specific requirement it shows employee participation from the management team side and I think that is a very important component demonstrating compliance.

This requires  being able to document the fact that management is taking a look at your processes, they have done a thorough review of  the activities that you are performing and they have provided their feedback.

The next video will be about requirement 2, process safety information and we’ll take a deeper dive there and we hope you’ll join us.

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