• Bryan Evans

Background and Overview of Process Safety Management (PSM)

Hello, It's Bryan Evans from HSE Technology, welcome back to our series on process safety management (PSM), in this edition we are going to give a little background and overview of PSM.

PSM has been around since the early 1990’s, (1992 or 1993). OSHA responded to a series of very significant events that involved highly hazardous chemicals, so they put some standards in place and requirements for companies that handle, manufacture or utilize these highly hazardous chemicals.

These standards and requirements have changed over the decades so one of the challenges our customers always face, is keeping up with the changes and making sure they are built into their management system.

The other thing we have discovered is that there are 14 elements that OSHA has required companies to follow and that’s what they get audited against, but then there are some other more risk based elements that while they are not part of the requirements, a lot of our customers have adopted.

So, you have a number of elements and it becomes very difficult and cumbersome to manage all those elements, especially for some of the smaller or medium sized companies who may have one person trying to manage all of this.

You have recurring activities, you have different document requirements that you have to change before you can issue them into the field, you have to engage different parts of the organisation from engineering to manufacturing to your project management team for example.

Coordinating all those activities becomes very difficult, so what we are going to do is explore each of the 14 required elements and we’re going to do a deeper dive on those and look for ways to improve productivity as well as tips and tricks that we’ve learned from our customers.

In addition to that, later on in the series, we are going to talk about some of the more strategic aspects around PSM and more of a risk based or proactive way to manage your PSM processes.

Thank you very much and hope you will join us for the next video.

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