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Top Tips for Compliance to Process Safety Management (PSM) Requirements -

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Tuesday 19th March 2019

4pm USA Eastern 3pm USA Central 1pm USA Pacific

In the United States the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) created the first Process Safety Management (PSM) requirements back in 1992. This was in response to a series of catastrophic incidents related to highly hazardous chemicals (HHC).

Over the years the requirements for PSM have changed and expanded several times. All HHC-related companies need to keep up to date as the requirements change and expand.

With these changes compliance to PSM has been very difficult to administer. This is especially difficult for smaller organizations. As there are numerous mandated activities, it is easy to let things fall through the cracks.

In this webinar I will be joined by Bryan Evans from HSE Technology Corp. As I will be in the USA, this webinar will come live from Houston.

We will give some free top tips for complying with PSM.

If you are an HHC related company this webinar is for you

If you can't attend the live webinar just register and soon after the live event I will send you a video recording of the webinar. With that recording you will be able to view and listen to the presentation in your own time.

Please click here to register.

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