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Introducing Mango QHSE Management System Software

HSE Technology Corp. is very proud and excited to introduce Mango QHSE management software to the USA! Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, Mango already has over 800 customers and more than 100,000 users around the world and both the company and the software are ISO 9001 and 27001 certified. We look forward to much continued success automating QHSE processes for American customers as the first Mango partner in the USA.


HSE Technology had been searching for a QHSE software solution that was tailored towards the SMB market for quite some time. There are lots of options for large enterprises but they can prove to be cost-prohibitive and difficult to support for smaller companies.

We had some very specific requirements, including:

  • Cloud-based, SaaS software,

  • Real Mobile applications,

  • Easy to use and maintain - no IT support required,

  • Nice user interface to engage the workforce,

  • Rapid implementation,

  • Robust QHSE capabilities,

  • Support for multiple Management Systems and/or Standards,

  • Software made by QHSE Professionals for QHSE Professionals.

Mango checks all of those boxes and more. It is delightfully easy to use and generates a great deal of approval from customers. It is rare for software to exceed expectations, but Mango pulls it off.


Mango is based in Christchurch, New Zealand and had not had a presence in the Americas prior to our partnership. Our timing was very good in that they were receptive to the idea after we approached the company’s founders. Those founders then made their way to our Houston, Texas headquarters where they took a look at our business and got to know our team. We had a deep look at the software and decided to make the reciprocal trip to Christchurch.

In Christchurch, I was able to meet the rest of the Mango team. Also, they provided two full days of product training, as well as, one full day of market planning. I was truly impressed with the organization, their commitment to product and process quality, and the genuine kindness and hospitality provided. A special group of people are Mango! They are only one of a very few software companies to take the time, effort, and commitment to excellence to become ISO certified.


HSE Technology has sold and implemented our first Mango customer, Servus Limited, based in the Caribbean. The implementation was very quick, all of our customer’s requirements have been addressed, and the customer could not be more pleased with their new, automated Management System. Therefore, we too are very pleased and look forward to many more success stories in the near future

Mango is sold through a network of global partners and we are their first in the Americas. The software is priced very competitively and is licensed via a small monthly fee. Further, implementation is very quick and takes just a few days of effort to complete.

If you are managing multiple standards or looking to implement or support ISO standards, Mango is a perfect solution. Also, if you have international operations, Mango can help you standardize your global processes.

Mango is now here in the Americas (and The Caribbean) and here to stay! Give me a call or come to our website to book a demo and get a glimpse of the future of QHSE compliance software solutions!

Simple | Effective | Easy to Use | Affordable

Mango QHSE Software Solutions


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