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One of our Oil Field Service customers was searching for a Health, Safety, Environmental, and Quality (HSEQ) compliance software solution and engaged HSE Technology to help them select software. We guided them through the selection process and then implemented the solution. This blog post is a reflection on that process and the results.


Our customer provided the following as objectives for this effort:

- Automate HSEQ business processes,

- Eliminate paper processes and spreadsheets,

- Provide a single repository for incidents, tasks, inspections, and quality events,

- Enable training qualifications management for their employees,

- Make HSEQ compliance activities visible to the entire team,

- Provide a mobile platform to record events and findings,

- Automate safety observations,

- Engage management in HSEQ compliance objectives.


We provided a solution that included the following:

Health & Safety Compliance:

- Incident Management (Injury / Illness, Property Damage, MVA, Near Miss, etc.)

- OSHA 300 reporting

- Safety Observations

- Meetings Management

- Task Management

- Policy / Procedure Management

Environmental Compliance:

- Spills / Release Management

- Remediation

- Compliance Calendar

- Air emmisions

- Water quality

- Waste Management

Quality Management:

- Nonconformances (product and service)

- Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPA)

Operational Risk Management:

- Risk register, controls, hazards

- Audits and Inspections

- Training Management

- Qualifications Management

- Performance Management

All of this was delivered on a single, cloud-based solution complete with mobile-ready forms and a reporting / dashboard solution built in.


We were able to deliver this solution in just a few days and our customer reflected on the following benefits:

- The solution allowed management to establish a standing Moday morning to review the past week's event and activities, and planning for upcoming activities - one version of the truth!

- Improved visibility into quality events - changed the focus from being reactive to much more proactive management of quality events

- A single compliance calendar allows visibility of open tasks and responsibilities

- Safety suggestions by employees are rewarded during periodic company-wide meetings

- They have a single repository of all policies and procedures, with change controls in place

This was a transformative process that greatly improved HSEQ operations. The Cloud-based solutions provide a great return on investment and allow companies of all sizes to take advantage of technolgy to improve their HSEQ functions.

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